ephemeral love, why would you come when I go

mountain landscape by @mikalaimanyshau

Everywhere I go, love seems to be the greatest treasure to ever be attained. Who doesn’t wish for connection and human touch? Who doesn’t long for deep conversations and silly laughs at 3 am? Who wouldn’t like to be cared for? We all do, it is in our natural instinct to want affection as it is in the gentle need to give it. The reason why we do things and perhaps even the strength to do them seem to be fueled by this yearning. This longing to laugh, care and protect. This sense of belonging and being right where you need to be, where you want to be. The simple realization of “home”.

I think it to myself as I stroll down the seawall sipping coffee made out of harmonies and daydreams. Over the sunny side of my heart that overlooks how the mountains wear another magical day. The clouds remind me of all the love surrounding me. The life I get to live or who I get to be. What I’ve gotten to learn and how much growth I’ve done. Nonetheless, my heart still hides a strong desire to share itself with someone. Despite the terror of feeling vulnerable. Of letting your darkest shades shine a light and be seen by those who are capable of bringing the end of the world. To be loved can be fearful and challenging.

To open up can cause chaos and disorder. It could mean the apocalypse for your heart. It could mean death but it could also mean rebirth. It could mean unveiling the unknown, it could mean harmony, alignment, and truth. It could mean something beyond your wildest imaginations or something so subtle that will heal you unnoticed. Unwarned. Very much like death. Very much like life. Perhaps, this was God’s plan all along, to die in love so we may feel alive.



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